Our Story

Hey, avid traveller, doting husband and founder/co-designer of the all new, travel-friendly “Nordace Smart Backpack”. You might be wondering… why did I decide to create a multi-functional, roomy, stylish travel pack? Well, it all stemmed from a lightbulb moment I had while hiking through a canyon in Hawaii.

My wife and I were nearing the end of our hike when she unzipped her backpack to grab her water bottle. What followed was an explosion of travel accessories: sunscreen, water shorts, flip flops, granola bars, wallet, glasses. Her bag was bursting at the seams. “Why did I bring all these stuff! It doesn’t even fit!” That’s when my wheels started to turn. What if I could create a backpack exclusively for travellers that can hold all the accessories needed for an entire day out?

When we got home from our trip, I immediately got to work. I wanted to create something that looked compact, but could expand to hold a heavy load if needed. I just kept thinking about the incident at the canyon. I didn’t want another trip to be ruined due to tiny, subpar travel bags. My wife deserves something better.

I approached our in-house designer with a few possible designs and we ended up working together for about 3 months before we finally landed on a bag that I was convinced my wife would love. It had everything (in my opinion) a traveller would need, and it was stylish to boot.

Seeing as my wife was the inspiration for all this, I decided to have her test out the prototype on our trip to Bangkok. Long story short, she loved it.

When we got back from Bangkok, I decided that the bag was ready for production. As a maker of corporate gifts, our company is relentless when it comes to quality standards and durability. In other words, one little mistake can lose us a multi-million dollar account. Let’s just say that we take the the quality of our products very seriously and wouldn’t dream of skimping on the details. It’s just the way we roll.

After months of testing we are finally ready to release the Nordace Smart Backpack into the hands of nomads all over the world.

It is my hope that this bag becomes your go-to travel pack. It is the antithesis of design meets innovation, there’s truly nothing like it.

Here’s to travelling smart,


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