For those in search of adventure

Nordace is more than just a brand; it’s a sentiment, a commitment, a promise. A promise to accompany you on every journey. Driven by the spirit of exploration, we understand the heartbeat of the traveler. The longing for new horizons, the thrill of unexpected discoveries, and the sheer joy of the open road.

At the heart of Nordace are values that inspire and guide us:

Our story

With Nordace, every journey becomes a story.

Ours began amidst the breathtaking canyons of Hawaii. Tony, our founder and Canadian trailblazer, noticed his wife struggling with a backpack that was more of a hindrance than help during their hike. That moment sparked an idea: Why settle for either style or function when you could have both?

This wasn’t just about designing a better backpack; it was about rethinking how we travel. Tony started crafting solutions. He saw beyond just fabric and zippers; he envisioned carriers of values – sustainability, connection, and responsible travel.

He surrounded himself with a team that shared his passion for exploration. Each core member of the Nordace team boasts an average of 10 years of travel experience. That’s over 100 years of globetrotting experience combined

Today, our commitment to thoughtful design and leaving a positive footprint on the world is stronger than ever.

Our journey



The year it all began.

Tony, our founder identifies a gap: a stylish, functional backpack is missing from the market. This revelation marked the beginning of Nordace, a Canadian-owned company driven to fill that gap.



Our top-selling, Siena Backpack, came to life!

Merging a sleek design with 16 organizational pockets and unmatched utility, it becomes the No. 1 choice for travelers worldwide.



Unveiling new innovative designs.

As the world of travel evolved, so did Nordace. Answering the call of modern wanderers, we expanded our range, sculpting the future of travel gear.



Nordace, Japan’s new retail sensation.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene alleys of Kyoto, Nordace became a retail sensation, gracing over 500 stores across Japan.



Sustainability takes center stage.

Unveiling the Eclat Re:Life Collection: a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Designed with recycled materials and eco-conscious vegan leather, it’s our pledge to the planet.



1+ Million Siena backpacks sold.

The Siena backpack crossed a monumental milestone with over 1 million units sold. And Japan continued its love affair with Nordace, with our products proudly featured in over 1,500 retail shops.

Nordace in numbers


5+ years

of crafting travel stories.

A trusted brand in

50+ countries


A green step:

100,000 plastic

bottles recycled and counting.

A retail favorite: featured in over

1,500 shops

across Japan.

1+ Million Siena Backpacks sold

enhancing travel experiences globally.

Where Quality Meets Commitment

Uncompromising Quality

We don’t believe in shortcuts. Every Nordace product undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure perfection.

Ethical Manufacturing

We partner exclusively with BSCI-accredited manufacturers, guaranteeing ethical and high-quality production.

Sustainable Choices

Our eco-friendly Microfiber vegan leather is not just durable but a conscious alternative to traditional leather. Designed to last, designed with care.

For Travelers, By Travelers

Our mission? Enhance your journeys and tread lightly on our planet. With every product, we aim to make a positive impact on both your adventures and the world.

Our journey toward sustainability

Recycle. Innovate. Travel Responsibly.

100,000 + plastic bottles recycled and transformed into backpacks.

At Nordace, we’re all about making a difference. That’s why we introduced the Eclat Re:Life Collection in 2022. With this line, we’ve turned 100,000 plastic bottles from trash to trendy bags so far. But it’s not just about looking good but doing good for our planet, too.

Reduced Waste

Upcycling plastic bottles and apple waste means fewer items in landfills.


By using upcycled materials, we reduce the demand for new resources, preserving ecosystems.


Our bags crafted from recycled materials are built to last, ready for countless adventures.

Partners and Certification

But it’s not a journey we walk alone. We’re honored to have distinguished partners who share our vision by our side:

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