Nordace Brand Protection

Counterfeits and Unauthorized Sales

At NORDACE, we are committed to developing high-quality products with a great focus on details. In an effort to ensure the integrity of the NORDACE products and to make sure our valued customers receive only quality products, all of our products undergo strict quality control standards. We also partner only with trusted resellers around the world that share the same values and principles as we do.

Fighting counterfeit products is a major concern for NORDACE. Our products’ success has transformed them into a target for counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. When NORDACE-branded products or imitation are purchased through unapproved channels from illegal resellers, we cannot guarantee their authenticity and quality, thus the warranty protection is not applicable. The inferior products are not produced by NORDACE and will never meet our high-quality standards in terms of design, materials, and construction.

The fight against counterfeiting is a long-term process, therefore we encourage customers to avoid purchasing NORDACE products from unauthorized sellers. There are many promising offers, but purchasing from an unreliable source can put customers, their personal data and credit card details at risk, aside from receiving a product inferior in terms of quality or nothing at all.

We kindly ask you that if you spot a fake NORDACE product or a company or individual trying to sell counterfeit NORDACE products, do not hesitate to contact us.

The only way to be sure you are buying an original product is to shop directly from our online store – or from one of the authorized NORDACE resellers.