Smarter Journey, Lower Impact.

We are Nordace, and we love the Earth as much as you do. This is why we’re setting out on a journey towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle. As a team of backpack makers and travel lovers, we prioritize sustainability in all facets of what we do.

To make a positive impact on you and the planet, we created the Eclat Re:Life Collection by transforming single-use plastic bottles and apple waste into smart backpacks. We’re committed to making sustainable choices accessible to every traveler in the world and creating a better environment for our future generations.

Our Goals

5 Facts about Ocean Pollution

How Our Bags Are Made

All the backpacks and bags in our Eclat Re:Life Collection are crafted from recycled post-consumer PET bottles.

Plastic bottles are collected and upcycled so that they would not be ended up in landfills and oceans.

After cleaning, the bottles are shredded into flakes.
They are melted into pellets.

The pellets are spun into yarns, then woven into fabric.

The fabric is used to make your bags.

Eclat Re:Life Collection

Explore the world while doing good through sustainable travel.


As of now, we have recycled


and we won’t stop here.

Materials Matter

Sustainability Partners

Nordace believes that sustainability should be at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly sourcing recycled and plant-based materials to minimize the environmental impact on the planet and its people.

Working with certificated and trusted partners including REPREVE® Unifi, Inc. and Vegatex™, we strive to provide smart backpacks and bags that combines quality and functionality, while ensuring the process is ethical and sustainable.

REPREVE® Unifi, Inc.