Smart Backpacks

Power up, pack easily, and protect your valuables! Everything is about traveling smart nowadays. Nordace Smart Backpacks are here to bring innovation to your fingertips. Through their clever packing system and specialized compartments, you can pack more into less space. The USB charging port ... Read More

Why Nordace Smart Backpacks?

All it takes to improve the way you travel is a Nordace Smart Backpack. Discover our collection and get yours today!

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Power up, pack easily, and protect your valuables! Everything is about traveling smart nowadays.

Our collection of smart backpacks is designed for the smart traveler. We have combined a state-of-the-art design with the highest technology and smart features such as the anti-theft design and Nordace Connect - the innovative built-in USB port to offer you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the trip while carrying your belongings comfortably.

The iconic smart backpack has become a fashion statement. It is the #1 on-the-go companion for business professionals, commuters, travelers, students, or outdoor enthusiasts. A smart backpack is the most practical way to get you and ALL your essentials from here to there, whether you’re heading to the office, working from anywhere, or adventuring on your next city break. Can you imagine having a backpack that can do everything you want? Besides helping you carry your daily essentials effortlessly; a smart backpack can do more than that. It can help you organize better your belongings, charge your devices (yes, that is right), and protect your data with RFID-blocking features.

Nordace smart backpacks are the embodiment of stylish functionality. You don’t have to choose between a cool design and practical features. You can enjoy both!

Just look at our best-seller smart backpack – Nordace Siena, and you’ll understand. Clean lines form a well-structured silhouette that elevates any outfit. All while tons of interior pockets organize your stuff. And that’s not all! It protects your laptop and chargers your phone on the go.

Smart Backpacks for Tech-Savvy Journeys

Make sure your gear is extra safe. Nordace smart rucksacks are designed with padded laptop compartments to protect your devices when commuting or traveling for business.

Check out our Nordace Gisborne Smart Totepack – the do-it-all convertible everyday backpack and tote. Under the luxurious, expandable design, it hides a laptop slot, USB charging port, and smart pockets for tech accessories.

Multi-purpose Smart Backpacks for Urban Explorers

Looking for a backpack as versatile as your lifestyle, functional, and, of course, fashion-forward? You’re in the right place. Forget about jiggling bags for different occasions. Nordace Beth Smart Totepack is a dependable companion for office days, business meetings, and after work fun. You buy one backpack, but you get THREE bags in one. Plus, our smart backpacks for commuting and urban adventures are designed with your belongings’ safety in mind. They feature RFID-blocking slots and hidden pockets for your valuables.