Pollina Vegan


Pollina is inspired by a small town in the Province of Palermo, Italy. An always-sunny paradise, this picturesque village is the perfect place where the mountains and sea clash together in beautiful harmony.

Pollina is loyal, trustworthy and dependable. You can count on her to take good care of your most precious possessions while you’re busy discovering new places or running off on errands.

Your Trustworthy Everyday Companion

Crossbody Bag

Bucket Bag

Mini Backpack


Phone Crossbody Bag


Ready When You Are

No matter where your next adventure might take you, make sure you bring a Pollina bag with you. Playful and dependable, this collection will quickly find its place in your daily routine. And whenever you want to break this routine, you can count on a Pollina bag’s smart features to have your back while you’re exploring new corners of the world.

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Fashion Forward & Functional

We believe the best fashion pieces should be functional too. Pollina is the perfect combination between looks and practicality. With a sleek timeless design, any bag in this collection will quickly become a wardrobe staple. And thanks to the many features that make your life easier, you’ll want to bring these bags wherever you go.

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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Inspired by a small town in Palermo, the Pollina collection perfectly embodies the qualities that made this village so near and dear to our hearts. Pollina will inspire. Pollina will stick by your side. Pollina will always be ready for your next adventure.

So whether you’re exploring the mysterious streets of a European capital or just wandering on the roads of your city, you can count on these bags to keep you safe, comfortable and always ready to go.

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There’s Power in Adaptability

We know you have a busy life. And we also know you need something to count on, whenever your schedule gets hectic. We like to think of the Pollina collection as a chameleon. It will quickly adapt to your lifestyle and schedule, making every bag the perfect day-to-day companion.

Go for a coffee, go on a date, go shopping or go to your next business meeting. Wherever you go and whatever your purpose, the Pollina bags will keep everything safe and secure. And with its smart organizing features, you can always count on this collection to offer you both the peace of mind and support you need.