What to Pack for Thailand – Backpacking Essentials

Thailand, a tropical paradise combined with bustling cities, cultural richness, and one of the world’s best cuisines, is a backpacker’s dream destination. Whether you’re a first-time backpacker or a seasoned traveler, it’s essential to know what to pack for your journey to ensure a stress-free experience. In this blog post, we’ve put together the backpacking essentials for Thailand so you can stay prepared for anything.

What to Pack for Thailand – Backpacking Essentials

Also known as the Land of Smiles, Thailand is a country of diverse landscapes and cultures that captivates travelers from all over the world. And backpacking is the best way to discover all the beauties it has to offer. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil beaches of Koh Lanta, Thailand has something to offer to any backpacker. Plus, since working remotely has increased in popularity, it tops lists as the best destination for digital nomads. 

With its hot and humid climate, it’s important to pack the right items to stay comfortable during your trip. So, here’s what you should bring.

Durable & Water-Resistant Backpack

Backpacking in Thailand allows you to experience its beauty and culture on a more personal level, at a pace that suits you, and on a budget that fits your needs. However, Thailand can be rough on your gear. Hence, you need a reliable, water-resistant backpack to make the most out of your trip. 

Why water-resistant? 

Because Thailand’s climate is warm and humid all year round, with the monsoon season that brings rain and even more humidity between July and October. Plus, you’ll be spending a lot of time by the beach and exploring the outdoors. So, a water-resistant backpack will help keep your belongings dry and protected from the elements.

An ideal choice for backpacking Thailand is our Nordace Henge. It features with multiple compartments and pockets for easy organization and quick access to your belongings. But its biggest pro is the 180˚ opening. It opens and packs like a suitcase so you can easily pack and unpack everything you need. It is spacious enough to fit a few changes of clothes, accessories, and gadgets, including a 17” laptop in a dedicated compartment. The daisy chain where you can attach additional gear and the water-resistant material make it perfect for outdoor activities. 

Do you want to find out more about choosing the best water-resistant for traveling? Check out our blog post.

Light and Breathable Clothing

Opt for lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying clothing crafted from natural materials to keep you cool on hot and humid days. Merino wool is the best choice for such a trip since it’s naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor-resistant. Plus, it’s super lightweight and takes little space in your luggage. 

Pack a variety of tops and shorts, as well as a long-sleeved shirt and pants to protect yourself from mosquitos. They are ideal during cooler evenings and for visiting the temples – it is mandatory for both women and men to cover their shoulders and knees when visiting religious sites.


Whether you’re planning to swim, sunbathe, or enjoy water activities such as snorkeling or kayaking, a swimsuit is a must-have in Thailand.

Comfortable Shoes

Lightweight, comfortable shoes are a must for exploring Thailand’s cities and beaches. Since you’ll be walking a lot, take sure you pack comfortable sneakers. Choose ones that can withstand any terrain and weather. 

Nordace UrbanFlex All-Weather Sneakers are a versatile choice. They are lightweight, comfortable, and let your feet breathe. All while looking super stylish combined with different outfits. 

Besides sneakers, you must also bring sandals and flip-flops. Choose ones that are easy to slip on and off since you’ll have to take them off and put them on when entering temples or different shops. They are ideal for the beach, too.

Sun Protection

Thailand’s tropical climate means that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun. Pack a hat, sunglasses, and high-SPF sunscreen to protect your skin.

Hot Weather Clothes

Sundresses are a popular choice for women in hot weather, providing both comfort and style. Men should opt for lightweight shorts, T-shirts, or airy long-sleeve shirts.

Rain Gear

Even if you’re visiting during the dry season, it’s still possible to experience sudden rain showers. Having a rain jacket will help keep you dry and comfortable during these rainy spells.

Bug Repellent

Using bug repellent will help protect you from bites and potential diseases carried by insects. When choosing an insect repellent, consider the right strength for your needs depending on the level of insect activity in your area and the length of time you’ll be outside.

Mosquito Repellent

Thailand is prone to mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and zika virus. Wearing mosquito repellent can provide effective protection against bites and reduce the risk of contracting these diseases. You can get the product from a local pharmacy or supermarket since drugstore repellents might not be as efficient at keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

First Aid Kit

A basic first-aid kit, including pain relievers, band-aids, and blister pads, is important in case of any injuries or emergencies.

Hiking In Thailand – Day Hike Packing List

Hiking in Thailand provides an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in nature. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views and the chance to see local wildlife, including monkeys and exotic birds. However, when hiking in Thailand, it’s important to come prepared. Here is a short list of must-haves for your hike:

  • Day pack 
  • Lightweight long-sleeve shirt and pants 
  • Hiking shoes 
  • Lightweight rain jacket 
  • Comfortable socks 
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Sun protection 
  • Scarf 
  • Bug repellent 
  • Snacks 
  • Map, compass, GPS device 
  • First aid kit 
  • Headlamp or flashlight 

With the right essentials, you’ll be prepared for anything this tropical paradise throws your way. Whether you’re planning to spend your days at the beach, exploring the cities, or immersing yourself in Thai culture, this packing list will have you covered. So, grab your backpack and set off on an unforgettable adventure!